SEO or website optimization

Website optimization

Website optimization is an important part of getting a website to achieve its desired result. Google's algorithms make some pages more attractive than others because of the thoughtful and relevant content of the website. Therefore, the content of the website must be designed so that it appears in Google's search results.
This means analyzing the website, keywords and competitors. As a result of the analysis, we create an action plan based on which to optimize the website.

Kodulehe optimeerimine on pigem maraton mitte sprint. Optimeerimine toob tulemusi pikas perspektiivis. 

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Why is SEO necessary?

Well-organized SEO work helps build visibility and thus improve your business results.
The most eager customers at the end of the sales channel know what they are looking for. This means that they already have a definite desire for a service, and they are actively looking for it. This is where SEO or website optimization can be a big trump card.
Of course, there is also an opportunity to direct SEO to educate customers, move on from the sales channel or increase trust and introduce oneself. It all depends on the needs of the company or business.



Why choose SEO

Hästi optimeeritud koduleht muutub klientidele palju nähtavamaks. 
Numbrid näitavad, et umbes 90% kogu kliendibaasist maandub ainult esilehel. 
Sul võib olla ükskõik kui hea leiutis, toode või teenus aga kui see on peidus Google neljandal lehel, siis ei leia seda paraku keegi.


How long does SEO take and the price.

In general, it is not known how long it will take for SEO to take effect nor the final SEO price. But from 2 weeks (Pages with very good rankings, and already in higher positions), to 1 year (Pages with a completely new SEO strategy.)
There are many factors - What is the current SEO situation of your page. What is the authority of your website or rating in the eyes of Google. Is the content relevant. Are there any good links to your page?
The price of SEO also depends on the competition of your service, product and field and the demand for the offered product or service.

Well-organized content

SEO is also useful because it allows the website to be divided into mental parts. This will help make your website more valuable to your visitor.