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SEO services for your website or E-shop. SEO services help to increase the organic position of your website or E-store.

Website and E-shop creation

Creating websites and E-shops for new or existing companies. Update your old website or get a brand new. Website and E-shop management.


Digital marketing services: Ads, proper SEO, active social media. We will take it into consideration in which niche your business is operating in and according to that information, we will choose the best channels for your business.

Website optimization or SEO and SEO price

SEO, or search engine optimization, helps to improve the visibility of your website on the Internet. This allows more people to reach the website, so to speak organically, without advertising.

Every good website contains quality content. It helps your business to grow and makes it easier to reach customers. We will optimize your page and write relevant content.
SEO services - SEO price is 25€/h + tax.

Steps to improving your position in Google

We will review your website and its content and keywords, as well as google position and everything related to that.

We will analyze the SEO situation of your competitors and review googles keywords and select the necessary ones. In addition, we will think of a strategy on how and where to get good BACKLINKS, or so to say, links from other pages.

According to the website's assessment and the information obtained from the analysis, we will think through all the steps - We do either in-page SEO, off-page SEO or both together, and if necessary, we will plan a strategy to get BACKLINKS.

Websites and E-shops

The cost of a website does not have to start from thousands of euros or be completed in several months. We offer modern and functional websites and e-shops at reasonable prices.

A decent website helps you build credibility. We will find a solution for your needs and create a webpage you can be truly proud of.


Are you in a situation, which requires a website ASAP? Or you just don't want to wait?
Website creation within a week. Also take into consideration that huge websites take longer time to be complete.

EVERYONE is able to make small changes or add new pictures and modify the information on the website.

Wordpress has a lot of possibilites and has a lot of potential with design elements.
We will work closely together with our clients, so we can achieve the best results. And you will have a website that represent what you do.

Custom made website

The best solution for bigger budget and more complex websites.

Täislahendus annab võimaluse ehitada, valdkonda arvestades, väga põhjalike süsteeme ning lahendusi.


The cooperation with Digitrusti OÜ was ideal. The website was made exactly to our wishes. All questions and wishes were answered and concerns were resolved. 
In addition, it is safe to say that it was a pleasure to communicate with them. We recommend it to everyone with both hands! 

We order Google advertising service from Digitrust OÜ. As a result of the positive cooperation, we rented out all the containers in a short time.

Very friendly and flexible young men. Always helpful and give advice on any question.